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Click the button below and you will be directed to the Town of North Haven Tax Collector's “View and Pay” system. QUESTIONS? Please contact the Tax Collector's Office at (203) 239-5321 x 620.  

(Please note the Tax Collector no longer accepts Sewer Use Fee payments).  

View and Pay Taxes Online


“2016 GL (July 2017/January 2018) BILLING INSERT”: Click this link to view a copy of the tax bill insert, containing VERY important taxing and procedural information.


CONVENIENCE FEES FOR ONLINE SYSTEM USE: please be advised of the following convenience fees for the use of this online site.





SEARCHING FOR YOUR BILL:  Please be sure to read the instructions when entering data for any search option, i.e.:



PARTIAL PAYMENTS:  Partial payments ARE accepted.  Please read the instructions noted within the system, or feel free to contact the Tax Collector’s office with any questions.


ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM UPGRADE:  On June 9, 2015, Webster Bank upgraded their portion of this online payment system.  Please be aware of the following important changes:


DMV SYSTEM UPGRADE:  DMV upgraded its system in August 2015, and said upgrade is ongoing.  There are many issues with the upgrade. Please check your tax bills.  PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW REGARDING DELINQUENT TAX RELEASES.


DMV DELINQUENT TAX RELEASE: The new system is a paper-free release system, which means that you will be unable to obtain an immediate stamped release form at the time of payment, as was the case in the past.  If you need a release to register a motor vehicle with the DMV, you will need to pay with cash, bank check, cashier’s check and/or money order. Payment with a checking or savings account will delay your release, per the need for verification that your payment has cleared your checking/savings account (which YOU must provide to our office).  After verified payment, the Tax Collector’s office will process a nightly release file with DMV.  Your release should process within 5 minutes – 48 hours; sometimes earlier, sometimes later, depending on the status/traffic volume of the DMV website. PLEASE PLAN YOUR REGISTRATION NEEDS ACCORDINGLY.


CASH PAYMENTS:  The Tax Collector’s Office will only accept $1,000.00 cash per transaction.


RETURNED PAYMENT FEE:  If for any reason your payment is returned, i.e. insufficient funds, incorrect account entered, etc., you will be charged a returned payment fee of $25.00 per incident. 


EFFECTIVE DATE OF PAYMENT: When making a payment, be sure that your “Scheduled Payment Date” does not fall beyond the due date for a bill and/or fall within a new month, as such date is the effective date of your payment, and more interest may be due, notwithstanding the date your create the payment. 





J. Stacey Yarbrough, Tax Collector & Staff

(Rev. 6.13.17)